cheers to 17+ years of experience...

and to growing our story every day.

About Us

A Garban of all trades

As knowledgeable as any when it comes to both development and designing high-end homes in Greater Boston, The Garban Group's true
area of specialty is ensuring each
project works as good as it



We believe that outside of the box thinking first requires making the box. Our in-depth analysis helps our decision making.



There is a method to the madness, and nothing gets done unless it makes it into our calendar.



Design is something we take pride in, and its a huge of part of why we love what we do so much.



Developing can be an emotional business. When you work with Garban Group, you are working with people who put their clients at the forefront.

who we are

There are many people who make what we
do possible. Below are two folks that embody what
Garban Group is all about.

Aurel Garban

ryan kinder


We thoroughly enjoy working for who we do, and take pride when clients feel the same way.

We couldn't be happier and want all our friends to buy an Aurel home!

We house-hunted for over 6 months and saw countless houses, old and new, in the process. Everything about the house that Aurel built felt right, and now, several months into living in our new home, we continue to be amazed by the quality, craftsmanship, and thought that he put into it. Superlatives are warranted here because Aurel is simply the best builder/seller one could work with - he is highly responsive, uses the highest grade materials, takes great pride in his work, goes above and beyond (he helped us hang our TV after closing!), and is very knowledgeable and a great resource. Our home inspector said, “it’s as good as it gets”. We couldn't be happier and want all our friends to buy an Aurel home!